Desire Retreat

Northern California — April 13 - 16

Desire Retreat

"It's not that you want too much, its that you want too little."
- Ram Das

Unveiling The Spring Desire Retreat - A full 4 day retreat that will redefine your relationship to your Desire.

Spring is a time of rejuvenation. Warmth holds the promise of new expansion. As the winter frost melts it’s the perfect time for life to take on new meaning, growth and possibility. Whether you’re ready to shed some seasonal layers from your Desire or you’ve been in lifelong Desire Denial the Desire Retreat is here to have you feel again.

Common Symptoms of Desire Denial may include but are not limited to the following thoughts and actions about your Desire:

  • Your Desire was out of reach
  • You didn’t deserve it
  • You don’t know what you want
  • Fear that you might be insatiable
  • If you start getting your desire you might never leave the house

Experientially explore all dimensions of living a Desire based life including:

  • How to open and form a relationship with your Desire
  • An exploration of Desire through sex, purpose, and everything in between
  • How Desire is different from indulgence and heedlessness
  • The relationship between true Desire and Compensatory Desire
  • Using the body’s innate wisdom to finally answer the Eternal Questions - "What do I want?", "How do I explain what I want?", "What if I change my mind?" and so many more
  • How Desire is the perfume of Orgasm
  • How Desire is the one force powerful enough to bring about true change

It’s time to step into the life unlived and to live the life you dreamed of instead of dreaming of a life. Spend 4 days sinking into your body to find out what you want then how to get it. The path to get there, learn to listen, trust and follow your Desire begins at the Spring Desire Retreat.

Join us for the first annual Desire Retreat!

Note: The location of the Desire Retreat will be in Northern California at a Retreat Center. Location information will be provided ASAP.

$4,399 On a payment plan with a deposit
$3,999 Paid in Full

For inquiries or to speak with a live representative, please contact Eli Block | +1 (510) 295-5556

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* this price is all inclusive -- includes lodging and food
If you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or are suffering from the effects of trauma, we strongly advise you to speak to a therapist or other mental health professional, before registering for this course. As is the case with all transformational work and specifically work in this area, participation may trigger difficult emotions and feelings.