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Coaching Program

In an innovative educational experience unlike any other, learn the art and skill of guiding people into an OM lifestyle philosophy — where connection, intimacy, and TurnON become their fundamental orientation to the world.

What is the OneTaste Coaching and OM Training?

At OneTaste, we believe people are meant to live TurnedON. More is possible in the realm of our relationships, our connections, our sex, our world. With TurnON, removing the layers we’ve put on top of our internal compasses gives us the ability to discover that “something” we sense is available. It is the OneTaste Method (centered around OM) that is the catalyst to finding the “more”
OneTaste Coaching offers innovative ways and a physical practice to uncover new possibilities in the realms of our sex, our relationships and our lives. Our focus is on feeling. Feeling more in our bodies. Feeling more in our relationships. And, ultimately feeling more of our world. By accessing the deep seeded compass within, we reconnect to our felt senses, we experience greater nourishment in our day-to-day experiences, as well as greater depth in our sex and intimacy.

At the heart of OneTaste Coaching is a practice: Orgasmic Meditation (OM). A simple sexuality practice offers practitioners the visceral experience of connection, sensation and turn on. OM becomes a process for discovery of the answers that live deep inside of us, giving us access to what we want in life as a whole. Desire, sex, shadow and relationship become crucibles of growth.

An integration of cutting-edge coaching theory and practice, with a simple yet transformational sexuality practice, OneTaste Coaching represents an evolution in the helping professional field.

Be among a select, small group of individuals who are Certified to teach the OneTaste Method and the Advanced OM Practice.

The 2015 Coaching and Leadership Program begins February 5-8th 2015.

Please contact Rachel on 415.218.0073 for more information or to sign up!