Deborah Petrille

San Diego, CA

Deborah Petrille

Hi I'm Deborah and I work with intense men and women who want to push the boundary of what’s possible without leaving their partners behind.

You’ve always lived life intensely. You feel emotions strongly and feel connected to God, the universe, and all that is. You want a partner to play with you in your magical playground, which isn’t easy in this highly conventional rule-based world.

You’ve likely fallen into relationships that have suffocated your creativity and your voice. The relationship you’re in now is the best yet, but still you’re not expressing your full brilliance, and if you’re honest with yourself, there’s a way in which your partner doesn’t fully meet you. You’re fiercely loyal to them and you know it’s possible to have mind-blowing sex and be totally in-sync. You’re just not there yet.

I promise that everything you want is possible. I know because I've taken this journey myself and helped many others as well.