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OM Report #15: My Addiction by Yia

Jan 8, 2012
What I haven’t said:nMy addiction is relationships. A certain type of relationship. The kind where I can rest my feet; where I can crawl into the comforts of a warm familiar body; your body, and find solace. Where I can forget myself and bury myself into the idea of us; two bodies melding into …

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OM Report #13: Are you Tumesced? by Justine

Jan 5, 2012
Are You Tumesced? Can you relate?nnI sure could (just ask my old co-workers!).nnTense? Agitated? Overwhelmed? Critical? It’s the way of the modern woman. We’re rushed and reactive. With all we have to live up to, not the least of which are our own expectations, it’s no wonder we feel like pulling …

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OM Report #12: Following Desire by Justine

Jan 4, 2012
I’ve been craving pancakes for 4 weeks - since Thanksgiving exactly. I remember waking up that morning with their taste on my tongue and spending an hour wandering the neighborhood looking for an open restaurant. I ended up eating cereal. The next weekend, I became aware that the voice of pancakes …

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How to Make Orgasm Your New Year’s Resolution

Jan 4, 2012
Wouldn’t it be delicious to make “orgasm” your New Year’s resolution? Most resolutions require grim commitment to work that will pay off later. We delay pleasure and satisfaction by working hard. Losing weight, getting organized, saving money. But the end goal is the same: pleasures, happiness, …

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OM Report #7: The Orgasmic Dictionary by Kim

Dec 23, 2011
nThe other day I was watching a show about American Dialects. It was fascinating! (Yes, OK I am a nerd.) They were discussing how in the same language, words and phrases might mean entirely different things depending upon where you are, or who you are with. Because dialects can be geographical or …

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Discovering 'More' in Sex though OM

Dec 21, 2011
In Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm, the founder of OneTaste Nicole Daedone writes, 'Let's be honest. When they first find me, most of my students aren't looking for a sexual meditation practice. What they are looking for is better sex. More sex, for starters, but also more depth, …

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OM Report #4: When good enough wasn’t by Kim

Dec 20, 2011
Once upon a time, my life was stuck in Ok-ville.nnI had an OK life. I had less money than I wanted, but enough to survive. The job I had desperately wanted wasn’t turning out to thrill me. I was more focused on the status quo in my relationship than really enjoying it. On my spiritual days, I told …

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Less of a “Nice Guy,” More of a “Mindful Man”

Dec 17, 2011
One of our most popular classes is The Men's Course, a course where men band together to learn a new set of 'rules” about how to relate to women. Peter Rubin, 26, a designer-turned-reinvention-guide has taken the Men's Course twice! He shares his journey toward becoming less of a “nice guy” and …

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OM Report #3: Play

Dec 16, 2011
So I was sitting in a room with my two friends and colleagues, Rachel and Maya. We were plotting and planning for the upcoming PLAY course we were offering at OneTaste this weekend. I gotta be honest. This whole PLAY concept has been confronting for me. So let me out myself here. I don’t like to …

Eli Block

OM Report #1: In the Name of Love by Eli

Dec 8, 2011
My name is Eli Block. I am an OM practitioner and a student of man/woman dynamics and behavior. I had the inspiration a while ago to do a comic strip based on the concept The things we do in the name of love, which was shortened to just In the Name of Love. Sometimes we are willing to go through a …