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Jan 29, 2012
For me, desperation is a good source of power. Here’s how it goes: Desperation. It’s fleeting. It’s an opportunity for me to do something different from what I would normally do. In this window, I realize I am feeling pain – I feel pain. Simultaneously I realize I’ve been feeling it for a …

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When I Knew I Liked OMing

Jan 26, 2012
It definitely wasn’t the first stroke. There wasn’t any landmark moment in that stroke where my world first shrank to the point of contact between my finger and her clit and then instantly expanded to an infinite galaxy of sensation in my finger tip. It wasn’t in my first OM at all - that private …

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Sex After Baby: Getting Your Groove Back

Jan 25, 2012
Our friend, Dr. Cabeca gives some great insight into sex after baby.....nnIf you recently had a baby but seem to have lost your sex drive at the same time, you are not alone. It's common for new mothers to experience a loss of libido, and there are some very good reasons behind it. The good news …

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Turned-On-Women and leaving the seat up

Jan 23, 2012
I spent the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college living in a small apartment in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My sister had procured the apartment for me as she lived in the larger one upstairs and I needed something interesting to do with my summer break. The summer offered to me an …

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Beginning as a Beginner

Jan 23, 2012
How I came to be a beginner in OM… Let’s take a whirlwind tour so this all makes sense. My stroking practice began in 1998. Within a year I was leaving a very successful tech career in Silicon Valley to dedicate my life to practicing and teaching. Various schools had sprung up in the ‘60s and …

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Men's Panel on OM (Orgasmic Meditation)

Jan 21, 2012
What's in it for the Men?nnMost people ask… What in the world is in it for the men when it comes to OMing?nnThe answer is this: There are many ways that men benefit from OM. And, there is no better way to understand the benefits than hearing it from real men themselves.nnWatch as a panel of five …

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OM Report #20: Appetites

Jan 18, 2012
The women linger at the water's edge, and they are stunning in the most unusual way: large women, voluptuous, abundant, delighted. They lounge along the riverbank, the lift their arms toward the sun, their hair ripples down their backs, which are smooth and broad and strong.nThere is a softness …

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OM Report #18: Who I Am Without Being Anorexic

Jan 16, 2012
Rainer Maria Rilke, Fear Of The Inexplicable There is a woman I can see. She stands in the center of the room speaking confidently. Her shoulders are relaxed, her hair flows down her back, she is smiling with flushed rosy cheeks. She has a full round ass, perky breasts, and a …

Yia Vang

OM Report #17: Love Letter to my Pussy

Jan 12, 2012
These are the words I would use to describe Christine when I first met her at the Turned On Women’s retreat on April 15, 2011. I remember the way she walked to the front of the class and called the women out to play big. I remember thinking “wow, she’s bold.” She was articulate. Her stance was …

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Desire vs. Fear: The Eternal Japanese Monster Battle

Jan 11, 2012
I’ve come to understand many things while exploring the practice of Orgasmic Meditation. One is that there is a constant dialogue going on inside of me.nnI have found that either desire or fear seems to be driving my thoughts and actions at all times, moving me through my day. Shaping my dreams, …