Woman swimming school of fish

Orgasm Is Continuous: An Orgasmic Diver Takes to the Sea

Mar 1, 2016
The black manta circles the group, pauses until a diver fins under him, and slowly swims forward as the diver’s exhaled air bubbles caress his belly. A trembling ripples over his skin. It seems as if the sensation of air bubbling over him gives him pleasure. When we’re deep, he circles at our …

Women pointing to the sky

The Journey of Always: Self Love

Feb 28, 2016
I hadn’t OM’d with him in months. A lot has happened since then. But today is today, and he’s due shortly. Thoughts of canceling spring up, but something is being called forth, and I listen to the call to stay on course with the agreement to OM. I peruse the underlying unsettledness. Where am I …

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Making Myself a Priority Ensures Everybody Wins

Feb 20, 2016
For a long time now, it’s been easier to focus on everybody else’s needs before considering my own. I suspect it started in childhood as I stepped into my role as the eldest child in the family. Somehow what I needed got bumped down lower and lower down the list of priorities as I tried to make …

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From the Power of Ambition to the Power of Desire

Feb 16, 2016
I woke up this morning way after my usual alarm. I’m up in Seattle on business, away from my sunny California, and perhaps it was the darker morning, the perpetually drizzling rain, or the cozy feeling that permeates all the coffee shops and funky apartments of this town. Whatever the reason, I …

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What I Want Is to End Sexual Violence

Feb 15, 2016
There is something I don’t want to admit because it feels impossible, because there wouldn’t be much left of me and I’d feel insignificant and impotent in the face of it. All I really want to do in this world is to end sexual violence. And that’s still how I feel. Even after admitting it to a …

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Muscle Memory: The Hugeness of My Desire

Feb 14, 2016
I’ve grown up to be an achiever, so when I set out to do something, I want to (a) know what is is I’m doing and (b) do it right. Six months ago, when I worked in corporate law, that was fairly straightforward. Everything moves on an escalator upwards, each rank clearly defined (and uncannily like …