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What Yoga Can Teach You About Becoming Who You Are

Feb 8, 2014
Focused on going to yoga in the next hour, my mind slowly begins to spin. Slow at first, like a windmill that just barely gets caught by a breeze. Until the air is steady enough and the whole thing is moving at a steady clip with no sign of stopping. At current, I have 51 minutes to go. The …

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I Always Include the Other

Feb 8, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “I always include the other. Make room to receive more.” Love, Your …

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Pleasure as Practice

Feb 4, 2014
(Stephanie Iris Weiss, @Ecosexuality, photo originally posted here). In the last two weeks, Stefanie Iris Weiss, wrote two of the most insightful articles about OM (Orgasmic Meditation) for EcoSalon, that we've ever read. ORGASMIC MEDITATION AND PLEASURE AS PRACTICE: SEXUAL HEALING ORGASMIC …

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Beyond Climax

Feb 3, 2014
On one occasion however, I heard Nicole call climax "a sneeze." Even though I had come to believe there was far more to orgasm than climax, that comment seemed a bit too… harsh. After all, climax could be an amazing experience, especially when in connection with another. Climax might …

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Orgasm Outside of 'The Nest'

Feb 2, 2014
I have a challenge for you. It’s simple, but so beautifully complex. It’s complex, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Here’s my challenge: make a commitment to stroke and be stroked beyond the nest. Outside of OM. Learn to expand orgasm beyond the nest. Work to expand orgasm beyond the nest. No …

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The False Protection of "No"

Feb 1, 2014
I am discovering my “hard no’s” in life relate directly to where I feel the most fear of being cast aside, replaced, or found unworthy. In other words, the lies I believe about myself. I also see that instead of protecting me, “no” actually keeps the story of unworthiness going, by re-enforcing …

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Connection: More Than A Word

Jan 31, 2014
I often wish words would and could just do what they say they do. I wish words could just be what they say they are. I wish words could fix my reality to their syllables instead of ME having to fix my reality to their syllables. I could say “rich” and money would fall from trees. I’d say “smart” …

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The Power Of Clean Requests

Jan 30, 2014
In the past, when I asked for a make-out, OM or favor, I would often ask in a passive way; “It would be really fun to make-out with you.” Or, “We should OM someday.” Or, “I could really use a hand fixing my computer.” In each case, I requested in a way that did not “own” my desire. I sent out a …

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Have You Ever Been in Love?

Jan 29, 2014
When I was 27, after having been in several relationships, I found myself asking the question, “Have you ever been in love?” I was beginning to worry I would never experience this feeling. I had some feelings for some girls in those relationships, but I knew there was more possible. After …