We can be safe or we can be real.

Make Space for the Resonant Stroke

Apr 21, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “Let the connection be broken open. Make space for the resonant stroke between the two of you to arise.” Love, Your …

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My First Taste of Surrender

Apr 20, 2014
When I was 15, I read Story of O, the 1954 novel about a young Parisian woman who willingly gives herself to be debased by her lover and members of a secret sadomasochism society. I wasn’t so much shocked as I was drawn to the tale of O’s absolute surrender as a submissive. There was an allure to …

Orgasm is the song that calls us home

The Cage Will Open Itself

Apr 19, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “Surrender to me. The cage will open itself.” Love, Your …

Love is the cause, we are the outcome

How to Have Any Experience

Apr 18, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “Get In. Immerse. Get Out.” Love, Your …

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Stop Ignoring Your Feelings (Find the Connection You're Looking For) - by Steven Wong

Apr 16, 2014
My father comes from Hong Kong and my mother from Taiwan. I was the first on both sides of my family to be born in the United States. From the time I was little, my parents always instilled in me that I am Chinese while my teachers at school said I am an American. I also grew up with two …

Flowers in mid-fall

Slow Down Enough

Apr 16, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “Slow down enough to be who you are.” Love, Your …

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My Rapidly Changing Reality (RCR)

Apr 15, 2014
Phase 1: Would you like to move to London? Shock. Instant tears. Un-cohered questions like, why does my desire have to break my heart? I felt my yes, I saw the excitement a ways away on the horizon. After all, this is the call an infinite player waits for; the call where you get to see what …


Fight for What You Love

Apr 15, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “Fight harder for what you love than anything else. Block love, and you block your awakening.” Love, Your …

What Orgasm is greater than

Every Movement Actualizes Flow

Apr 14, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “If you're in constant motion, you are moving in the direction of your desire. Move towards or away, every movement actualizes flow.” Love, Your …

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Why We Were Chosen

Apr 12, 2014
God in His wisdom selected this group of men and women to be purveyors of His goodness. In selecting them through whom to bring about this phenomenon He went not to the proud, the mighty, the famous or the brilliant. He went instead to the humble, to the sick, to the unfortunate. He went right to …