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Orgasmic Meditation: The Science Behind What's In It For The Stroker

Apr 28, 2014
In my initial article entitled, “Bio-Electric Fields from the Clitoris”, I elaborated on my idea that when the clitoris is stroked, hundreds of nerves are simultaneously stimulated to fire. This causes the simultaneous movement of electric charge in each of these nerves, resulting in the …

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One Yes is Enough to Break the Dam

Apr 28, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “One yes is enough to break the dam. Be willing to let go.” Love, Your …

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What Makes A Woman Unforgettable

Apr 27, 2014
I’m scared to lose her because she loves me better than I love myself. I’m scared to go back to my Internal Bludgeon, that one lurking in the background on high alert for the slightest external sign that I’ve done something wrong, that I am too much.  That I have showed people enough of who I am …

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The Game Always Plays You

Apr 25, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “The game always plays you.” Love, Your …

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The 7 Deadly Mistakes You Make In Relationship

Apr 24, 2014
1. Getting Drunk on Love There’s something about that certain touch and feeling. It’s a complete out of control state.  I love nothing more than to find her.  The one who I can nod off with, with a simple whisper of my name or a passing touch.  Where the world is suddenly engulfed by her sex …

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We Don't Wake Up Alone

Apr 24, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “We don't wake up alone. I will open as much as you can let people feel you.” Love, Your …

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I Will Send You Messages of All Kinds

Apr 23, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “I will send you messages of all kinds. Your only job is to listen and feel.” Love, Your …

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The Power of Loneliness

Apr 22, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “You have to appreciate your loneliness among the sleeping to know that you truly have the desire to wake up.” Love, Your …

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A Love Letter to My Clit

Apr 22, 2014
My Darling Clitoris, When I was younger and angrier, I was jealous of men. Men seemed to have such explosive, mind-bending orgasms. “Not fair!” I thought. What I didn’t know was that by being born a woman, I was gifted with the only body part whose function was pure pleasure. That, my sweet, is …

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An Orgasmic Seder

Apr 21, 2014
Passover, the Holiday celebrating our freedom from bondage, has attributes that suggest a kinship with OM (Orgasmic Meditation). I will attempt to explore some of these similarities in the context of a traditional Seder bringing elements of psychology and showing the relationship to OM.   In the …