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Touch Kept Him Alive

May 7, 2014
Her baby was pronounced dead at birth. While the nurses took care of the other premature twin, the mother asked to hold him. She held him skin to skin, loving and stroking his body before they had to say goodbye. As Distractify reports, within 2 hours of her holding her baby, he gasped. He …

Neon sign of desire

Stick Around to Negotiate the Difference

May 3, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “Ask for 100% of your desire, 100% of the time. Be willing to stick around to negotiate the difference.” Love, Your …

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The 7 Steps To Staying On Course In Relationship

May 2, 2014
Relationship can be our greatest teacher, and it can be our greatest folly. When we use relationship to fuel us in the direction of our purpose, it’s smooth sailing! People respond positively to us, we have more energy and we see the world with rose colored glasses. However, when we let …

Crystal in front of face

Vulnerability Trumps

May 2, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “Vulnerability trumps everything else.” Love, Your …

The only thing between you and your desire

Your Shadow is Visible Where the Light Enters

Apr 30, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “After diving into the deep underbelly she will open the door and let the light in. Stay steady. Your shadow is visible where the light enters.” Love, Your …

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How Orgasmic Meditation Makes You Smarter

Apr 29, 2014
A study by the University of the Nederlands published by Oxford University found that oxytocin enhances both creative and social intelligence while causing a decline in analytical intelligence. I want to examine these findings from the standpoint of what is known about oxytocin as a …

Infinity anchor

Let Orgasm be the Anchor

Apr 29, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “You can't look for something outside of yourself to anchor you until you let me be the anchor.” Love, Your …