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The Magic of Attention

Jun 6, 2014
His long beard hair oscillating in the wind is the fastest moving part of his body as his radiating palms float forward like clouds. The first time I met my Tai Chi teacher in McCarren Park, I almost biked right past him, assuming he was part of the flora. He says “Tai Chi isn’t about the …

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Jun 5, 2014
So when I arrived at the coaching training in New York for the first time last Friday, I stood around and enjoyed the high windows, the white and all the light coming in. I saw the incredible view of the river and was drawn to the windows. On the other side of the river was a huge sign under a …

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On Beasts and Black Sheep

Jun 2, 2014
"In order to help your daughter let out her beast, you need to have yours out" says Nicole Daedone. She speaks to a student in OneTaste's Mastery Intensive, a week long immersion of learning the finer points of integrating orgasm into your life. The student, a mother of a two, just asked …

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The Secrets of My Desire

May 15, 2014
I think I remember being a child and having it be that my desire was my world, in a sense. There was no division or hesitation. There was yes of course I want to do that! And wait where are we…oh I love this place too! And look at this thing over here, this is amazing. And look there’s a little …

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Finding Each Other Again After 40 Years of Marriage

May 13, 2014
I love my wife. We’ve been married over 30 years. She’s the child of three divorces. I’m the child of Catholic shame and a father’s disdain. Both of us are first born, type “A” overachievers with trust issues on a life quest to not turn into our parents. Both of us have also spent our adulthood …

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Orgasm is Incontrovertible

May 12, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “When the stroke presents itself, both people can hear it. Whether you're willing to say yes is the question. I am incontrovertible.” Love, Your …

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I've Become Monogomish

May 11, 2014
How did I get myself into this one… My confessions: I’m a hardcore romance junkie, like heroin and crack. And I can’t seem to confront myself directly without going through a man to do it. What is it in here that is so disturbing to me that I can’t face it? Perhaps the squirming snake of my …

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Once You Find Me You are Never Lost

May 10, 2014
**A message from your Orgasm -** “Once you find me you are never lost. Desire is your compass. The map is vast and wide. When you say yes to me, you are at home wherever you find yourself.” Love, Your …

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The Power to Go Out of Control

May 9, 2014
**photo credit: Murilo Maciel The temptation of touching the involuntary in myself and in another is unlike any temptation I have ever come across. I used to use drugs and alcohol to access this. I'm not a "real" alcoholic although I love AA and 12-step in general and I've worked the …

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How Can You Support Her Desire…A Story

May 8, 2014
Feeling soooo happy Craig went to LA for Ignited Man (OneTaste event to teach men how to be in relationship with a TurnedOn Woman) this weekend. We have two things we struggle with in our relationship. 1. My reaction to his upset about mess on the table and the way he communicates about it to …