Purple Starry Night Nathan Anderson

Beyond Continuous Delivery

Aug 25, 2016
Recently, a practitioner equated Orgasm to the stock market because of it is unpredictability and drastic changes. The recent change in the OM world which gave birth to such comparison was releasing the practice (in group and private) completely to practitioners. Amongst my many hats, I have the …

Black and White Lady in a Tunnel Himanshu Singh Gurjar

What Cheating On Your Soul Feels Like

Aug 25, 2016
It started so small. You pretended to be indifferent. You were merely keeping your options open, waiting to see which opportunities presented themselves. You thought that by not choosing anything you could choose everything. You thought you could hack your life to have your cake and eat it too. …

buzzfeed couple venice orgasmic meditation

Buzzfeed's Modern Sex Explores OM

Aug 25, 2016
On Buzzfeed's Modern Sex Series two long-term lovers who have struggled with satisfying each other, get schooled in Orgasmic Meditation! Check out the video at go90.com. *(Photo Credit: Buzzfeed's Modern …

black and white man fishnet 100

Coming Out About OM

Aug 15, 2016
The day I drove my son to college he revealed to me that he was gay. I already suspected, but he never told me explicitly. Maybe he thought I wouldn’t love him or I would be disappointed in him. He waited until he was leaving on a plane to move out of state. That way, he wouldn’t have to face me …

refuse reachingflames woman water splashed in face

Consciousness is Volition

Aug 15, 2016
You have the power to deem it so that you know you are staying conscious during climax. Consciousness is volition. Volition or control over my interpretation of the experience. It happens in OM. For instance, there’s a picture of me at OMX, I’m stroking and I realized how “far out there” I was. …

girl pier michael levin

Bathing In The Sense of Being Alive

Aug 11, 2016
I like intensity and I like surprises. I may rebel at sudden turns and changes but deep down I am only myself when my ability to receive a stroke and adjust is tested. I like truth games where we have the chance to reveal ourselves or be seen such that layers fall off. Frequently, I’ve found …

red motorscooter all you need is love davide ragusa

Love Addiction

Aug 9, 2016
Ram Dass said it’s not that you want too much, it’s that you don’t want enough. And I think that of all addiction. I get in very intense arguments, often with Buddhists, about what I believe to be the fallacy of insatiability. I don’t believe in addiction as we hold it in today's society. We …

broken glass cube ghoosstt

Hitting Havingness

Aug 4, 2016
You think something is wrong. You think things were going along fine and then something got real messed up somewhere. It feels like maybe it was you. Where did you go wrong? How could this have happened? Why does it feel like everything is falling apart...you don't *think* your life is in a …

jana kirn glitter hands

What I've Learned As a Stroker in Orgasmic Meditation

Aug 2, 2016
It was a little over three years ago that I first sat down in the Intro to Orgasmic Meditation workshop. After months of reading about it online and watching all the video content I could find, I was eager to experience it in person. There was a particular video, a recorded talk by OneTaste …

woman in cape in front of red volcano synchrodogs

Listening and Loving From a Place of Full

Aug 1, 2016
Someone told me last night that his father committed suicide. My father committed suicide fifteen years ago. He swallowed a shitload of pills, including his own Zoloft. I couldn’t talk about it for years without feeling nauseous, disoriented and self-conscious. Cold pangs would run through my …