Why is OM Mutually Beneficial

by Nicole Daedone  Sep 5, 2016
synchrodogs stacked man and woman couple

The Biological Incentive: The Feminine - Masculine Dance

Transcribed from the I OM Talk, recorded live in New York, December 2015, Reprinted Courtesy of the Living Library.

Why is OM mutually beneficial? We will use the example of a female monkey for this one. Female monkeys have what is called estrous. Whenever a female monkey is in estrous, a male monkey will travel up to 200 miles to get to her. This happens to her sort of by accident, and he comes running by accident. She is “calling” him and he is “responding” to her.

Female humans have what is called volitional estrous. We can turn that thing on. What we experience as the high of OMing is what we call turn on. We have turn on from volitional estrous. We begin to emanate the same thing a female monkey emanates. When we are in that state, so is he. That’s what the call and response is. His biologically can’t help it. We as a culture have tested whether we can have women Orgasm-starved and have happy men. I don’t think it went well.

What happens to a woman in Orgasm is that all of a sudden she is lit up and when she is lit up suddenly he is, too. Men like to do for. I’m talking about masculine energy and feminine energy; It could be either men or women, it’s not necessarily body ruled. The masculine loves to do. Masculine likes to produce, make tools and bring home bears. Here’s the truth: The masculine loves to do for even more. It likes a high state of inducement.

Rather than just making tools, the masculine is doing it for something that is bigger, better and more beautiful. That’s why troubadours would sing for days outside of windows for a little glimpse in order to feel that radiance of the feminine. When women are in that state we are radiating. That’s what we are here to do, to radiate. When we do, not only do we feel better, but our partner’s body feels better, and we are nicer.

And not only we you nicer but it actually becomes built into us to have him be his best so he can show up more. Fundamentally, that’s what OM does. OM draws out the best in both natures. A feminine nature is at her highest state when she is radiating. And the masculine nature is at it’s best when it is producing for. He has the opportunity to produce this state that makes his body feel better and get better, more masterful every single step as he does it.

He “gets his” by becoming a man in the process in the same way a musician becomes brilliant for himself. He is not playing the guitar for the guitar. He is doing it because he gets to develop an aspect of himself that makes him a master.

We woman have this thing that is called the “having level.” We have an internal judge that says, “I can’t have that much pleasure. If I have that much pleasure, I owe back”. I am going to say: “Yes, we do owe back. You know what we owe back? We owe back more pleasure.” Because as we have more pleasure that ego structure begins to dissolve. As it dissolves we naturally can love more. I am pretty sure what our partner would want from us is more access to the love that is inside of us.

(Photo Credit: Synchrodogs)