Consciousness is Volition

by Nicole Daedone  Aug 15, 2016
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Transcribed from the I OM Talk, San Francisco, March 2015, Reprinted Courtesy of the Living Library.

You have the power to deem it so that you know you are staying conscious during climax.

Consciousness is volition. Volition or control over my interpretation of the experience. It happens in OM. For instance, there’s a picture of me at OMX, I’m stroking and I realized how “far out there” I was. Then all of a sudden - WOW - I’m back in my body. And there’s nothing wrong with the experience of going so far out there. But in a world where there’s not enough, the way that you get way more than enough, is that you feel what’s there. So that moment when I was at OMX and there was 1,400 people and I could literally feel the finger prints on my finger, I could feel the ridge between her clitorus and her hood, and I could feel the tiniest little bumps and those bumps were like mountains, it felt like we were in this dilated time of eternity.Then all of a sudden my hearing popped out and I could hear like “blahblahblahblah!” And then I could hear her! And I realised “Oh, it was actually going much faster" but we were just so in it that time had slowed to nearly a halt.

That for me is staying conscious.

The way you stay turned on... Watch the Tony Robbin’s TED talk. He knocked it out of the park with that thing. And I love that he talks about “Have you ever met somebody that was born with everything? They had the job, the family, the college, and they just ended up a total loser? Then, there you meet someone and they come from that neighborhood with that class description, and that person is the embodiment of success, not just financial success but the embodiment of joy and everything you would want success to be.” The difference is not resources, but resourcefulness. And to me, that’s what Turn On is, it’s endless. It’s like this book called Finite and Infinite Games by James Carse. The idea is to just infinitely find ways to play with what’s happening so that you can get off on it, no matter what it is.

Someone wrote to me today, and they were like “and how are you, are you okay?” I think they probably knew I was arguing with my boyfriend. And I said either things are going well, or they’re going poorly and I’m learning. But either way, they’re going well. When you can begin to play with everything from that place, then you can take a lot more risks. When you can take risks, you can get away from your status quo. All of our status quo’s are set at mediocrity. My default is set at mediocrity. So if I’m actually gonna live, I’ve gotta be going, I’ve gotta be pushing out, looking for ways to enjoy what’s happening right now, exactly as it is. Getting resourceful, being willing to break through my preferences.

I work with all these women who are like “I can’t OM that often.” I ask, “Do you watch television?” “Yeah, but just like an hour or two a night.” And I’m like…? We do this thing called energy accounting. The people who are in our program, I’ll have them do a really intense accounting of where they spend their time and energy because often people say I have these huge dreams but I don’t have time to do them and you realize they spend 3 hours criticizing themselves that could be used towards creating a life where they aren’t criticizing themselves!

So how do I live a Turned On life? I look at every moment as a stroke, and think how can I can get off on it, no matter what it is. The way you look at me, I felt the warmth of it and it was like a vibrating electricity. And I let it hit my body and shimmer through my body and actually land in my pussy and go down my feet and come back out into the room. And I can feel your really strong attentiveness on me and I let that pierce through me even where it’s uncomfortable. Then something new opens and I look back into the room and I see this weird M, but it has my favourite color on top of it, which is chartreuse and it’s just that place where I allow my eyes to fall in love with everything and I put on my 3D glasses and I have my courage to be willing to love every single moment. And love begets love, Turn On begets Turn On, desire begets desire, and when you’re living in that place it becomes your home.

(Photo Credit: ReachingFlames)