Call and Response: The Power Inside the Practice of OM

by Marie-Elizabeth Mali  Dec 13, 2015

Call and Response

The sun rises, sky pink over blue-gray mountains, as it sets by a gunmetal ocean somewhere else. That’s not true. The sun’s not the one that turns, we do. Somewhere a woman opens to receive someone’s touch, legs butterflied, pussy exposed and waiting, her awareness on the pilot light ready to flare. Somewhere else a woman vows never to open again. As soon as I say one thing, the opposite is true. How not to collapse under it all? How to follow breadcrumbs home to unchanging stillness, which is also the universe in constant motion? Somewhere a river is shaped by its banks and banks are transformed by a river. Somewhere feminine and masculine play an infinite game. To grasp at orgasm is to exhaust my fists on gripping the air. How to have what can’t be possessed? At the end of this intensive, I know that I don’t know. It’s time to forget the teachings, unlearn every habit, return to call and response with each stroke. Like the upright bass music that flows with the sunrise that is not a sunrise, let me be a melody that thrums in the house of the now, that simple note that rings yes.

(Photo Credit: Ales)