Ode to the Women Who Practice OM

by Marie-Elizabeth Mali  Dec 10, 2015

For the Turned On Women

Together we gorgeous our way past years of peering at one another through the bars of our cages. Together we laugh, cradle, dance, weep. We root, we leaf, we prune back. Together we celebrate the ride that is a life lived in surrender to orgasm. No place too low. No place too high. We lift one another and our men into greater and greater depths of connection. When one forgets who she is, another reminds her to remember. Like waves that end one day on a black-rocked shore, we ride the currents across the vast spawning expanse, our hair wind-and-wet-sprayed, our faces wild and alive, our eyes on the horizon of the possible that together we create with our full yes to being all that we are.

(Photo Credit: livesimply.tumblr.com)