The Hunter In My Eyes

by newyork  Feb 28, 2014

I went for a long walk tonight. There's this place I can get to inside my little world out in the big world where I feel like a fluid fish swimming in a sea of passing visuals and sounds and feelings and sensations. Everything impacts me but nothing sticks. Flow.


I like walking at night. It felt dangerous sometimes tonight - it was through these wide back alleys where people who live right up against Venice beach have their garages and cars. There were people coming home from work and homeless people sleeping and odd doors blocked by bouncers that lead somewhere that emanated heat and energy but had no sign, or none that was informative. I only had three things on me, phone cash and vaporizer. Essentials tucked into pockets, no bag so I could walk faster and unimpeded.


Once I thought, I shouldn't be back here, it's dangerous, maybe this is off. Why did I decide to go this way? What's wrong with me? And then I realized that I LOVE it back there, I love where it feels slightly off. I want to know why it feels off, I want to lick the insides of it like gnawing meat off a bone. I want to feel into the shadows and I want to let people who pass me see the hunter in my eyes.