How to do Oral Sex for Her Pleasure

by admin  Nov 21, 2013

I'm a woman who used to do oral sex for him—maybe I fucked up, wanted him to think I liked him, for a new pair of shoes. I did it to be a good woman, the woman I thought he wanted to be with.

Then I learned of orgasmic meditation which lead me to a new possibility—that I would do only things that felt good to me.

You're telling me I could do oral sex only because it felt good to me, for my pleasure—that I would ask him to do this rather than him subtly reminding me its been three months since I last gave him oral sex.

Had I known there was a sensitive spot in the back of my throat that made my body feel electric, I may have practiced more.

It doesn't look like what we think its supposed to look like. You see, I grew up with the belief that all things of value looked good and right—including sex.

When I first heard this kind of oral sex was possible I couldn't believe it. I heard her say snot was running down her face, snot was pouring out of her, tears AND she wanted to keep going for hours.

Here's what I know -- before oral sex for my pleasure, I had no idea what she was talking about. Yeah, I had liked it before and it was nothing like this.

The idea that I could wanted to devour him for me, required so much surrender to my own body. A surrender I didn't know until I was given permission.

The thing we are changing is the belief that women don't want to suck cock. We are changing it to the counter intuitive perspective that when I do it for me, I get exactly what I want—him.

It's hard to believe it. That I know.

It's a simple idea... I do it for me and it's exactly what he wants. No technique. No script. No rulebook. Just me and my body guiding me with what to do next.

His body and mine, pure electricity locking us together.

Here's what your about to see. Me and a man in oral sex for my pleasure. Not something I was ever used to seeing.

I even told my mom and my sister I was going to do this. Because, it's important for them to see it too.