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When I First Started OMing…

nnBy Rosa M.nnWhen I think back to what happened when I first started OMing, there are some specific changes that stand out in my mind. These are the ways I knew that OM was ‘working’!nnFirst of all, I often felt light-headed. I remember after one OM, talking to a friend of mine and kind of half tipping over during our conversation, like I had just suddenly lost my balance. I also found it difficult to walk in a straight line. I would be walking down the hall way of my house and just bump into the wall, in the way that people do when they’re drunk! Although it was purely because I was feeling light headed. I know it probably sounds crazy that OMing could do that! My friend said that it was because I had so much more energy in my body than I was used to. It’s true that OM gives you energy, and it can take a little adjusting to get used to.nnThe second thing that happened is that I began to recognize that I could feel other people’s emotions (if they were sad, happy, stressed etc). Learning to focus on the sensations in my body in OM made me more aware of subtle changes in how my body felt when I was around other people. I began to notice that when I am around certain people I feel a buzzing in my belly (like giddyness), and when I’m around some people I feel a pain my chest and gut (like anger or anxiety). Before OM, I didn’t know that it was possible to feel other people, so I used to think those were my crazy fluctuating emotions! I was the receptionist in an office and sometimes someone would walk in and I would suddenly be extremely frustrated and not know why. Now I know that it was because that person was feeling extremely frustrated, and I was picking up on it! Because of OM, I can generally tell the difference between when I’m picking up on another persons’ feelings vs when they are mine.nnAnother thing that I noticed when I first started to OM was that I often felt like I had to pee when I didn’t really. This is a symptom of beginning to feel your genitals for the first time. Before an OM, I would think that I was busting for the bathroom! When in fact, I would go, and I didn’t need to pee at all. It was just that my pussy was swelling and getting hot in anticipation of the OM. The pinching feeling that you get when you have to pee is similar to the feeling of sexual arousal in your pussy.nnWhen I first started OMing I also couldn’t sleep!!!!! I remember laying in my bed at night with my eyes wide open, my whole body buzzing, and not knowing why. Then I would spring out of bed in the morning, ready for the day! (I am usually not a morning person) I had so much more energy than I was used to, and it was keeping me up!nnThe last change that stands out is this, soon after I began my OM practice I could tell when I was full during a meal. It used to be that I would eat everything on my plate without stopping. Sometimes I would be sorry for it later, but it would take me about 20 – 30 minutes to realize I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my gut. I couldn’t tell when I was full so I would frequently overeat. I even thought that other people must be lying when they said they were full, that they were just concerned about their weight! Now that I’ve been OMing I am much more in tune with what my body needs, moment by moment. As a result of this I can tell when I am full mid-meal! Even sometimes to my dismay, if what I am eating is really yummy and I’d like to be able to fit more in! All in all I am happy that because of OM I can now tell when I am full and stop before I overeat and make myself uncomfortable.nn nnOrgasmic Meditation is just that. A meditation on the orgasm in your body. We all have it, an infinite source of energy that can propel us through life at an amazing rate. OM is a practice that will give you access to that energy in a way you never knew possible. And, the effects that Rosa speaks about here are an important reminder to take care when starting an OM practice. Having a session with a OneTaste OM Trainer is the safest way to learn the specifics of taking care of your body while integrating this new practice into your life.

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