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Connect. Meditate. TurnON!

You are Orgasmic.

We know this, because we’ve helped tens of thousands of people experience the wide spectrum of orgasm in their lives. Through this we’ve learned that everyone… female and male, single and coupled, gay, straight, and bi … everyone is orgasmic.

We all want to feel more strongly connected to our bodies, our partners, our sexuality, and ourselves. You’ve come here, because you want more, and think that Orgasm may be the way. Well, you’re right.

We've dedicated our lives to Orgasm

First our own and now yours, because we’ve seen how it has changed our lives and so many others.

So we developed a practice called Orgasmic Meditation that makes it possible for anyone, man or woman, single or coupled, to harness the power of Orgasm, and embrace what already exists. We don't have to change anything about ourselves to access it; we just have to explore what's inside of us, while being in connection with another person.

Discover Your Orgasm Personality

How Much Do You Know 
About Your Orgasm?

Take Our "Orgasm Personality Quiz" 
And Find Out The Details Today!

But first thing’s first, let’s define Orgasm...

We believe Orgasm is

  • Much more than a 10 second party.
  • Available in all shapes and sizes.
  • Not just on or off, but expansive.
  • Complex, the way we experience life.
  • Not like pornstars represent it.
  • Not how it's "supposed to" be.
  • The single most impactful power source we have.

Orgasm is the single most impactful power source we have, potent enough to 
bring about many kinds of change in our bodies, relationships, and lives.

Capable of increasing your vitality, confidence, energy, intimacy, and more.

So What's The First Step To Finding Out More About Your Orgasm?

Discover Your Orgasm Personality

What is an Orgasm Personality?

Your Orgasm Personality is based on a build up of sexual energy in your body, that affects how you feel every day, how you interact with others, and how your body deals with this build up of energy. Left unchecked, this build up of sexual energy, often referred to as "the secret killer of relationships" in both men and women, leads to a persistent condition of rigid stress. Which manifests into overall irritability, annoyance, agitation, being critical of others, and coming off as "moody" or lethargic.

This state is often common in women who never get to experience a real orgasm (different from "climax") during sex. Many seek to relieve this build up of sexual energy through working out to excess, drinking in excess, as well as practicing other wellness routines to excess, such as running and yoga. In all of these cases, they are desperately searching for some way to release some of this energy, to ease the tension so they don’t pop.

Most women affected can relate to one of three "orgasm personality" types, which illustrate the way they live and deal with day to day experiences. These three common sexual energy personality types are known as Fixed, Hyper-Volatile, and Dissipated. The bottom line is… All three personality types are disconnected from their bodies and from what is here right now, in the moment. When you know your specific personality type, a whole new world opens up to you, which for most women includes adopting the wellness practice of OM – Orgasmic Meditation. Where all of those bad feelings start to vanish the more you practice.

How Much Do You Really Know About Your Orgasm?
Take Our "Orgasm Personality Quiz" And Find Out!

All About OM

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a wellness practice (like yoga and pilates) that is designed for singles and couples to experience more connection, vitality, pleasure, and meaning in every aspect of their lives.

People OM because they want to feel more connected, more flow, more vitality, more… everything. The practice is simple, specific, and repeatable, focusing on the clit, the female center of power and pleasure. Every OM is set up the same way so participants can stop thinking, and instead follow the feeling, listen to their bodies, and be present.

Courses at OneTaste teach you to appreciate the breadth and depth of your orgasm, and then channel it into all areas of your life. The result? Your sex life improves, your vitality increases, food tastes better, your connection to yourself and others deepen.

Experiences of OM...

"I have learnt to say what I want without shame"

"Since OMing I have gained confidence in myself and have learnt how to play, handle, communicate and have better sex with women. I have learnt to say what I want without shame and without hiding from fear of rejection. OM has taught me how to connect to both men and women on a deeper level and that having connection to someone is both deeply rewarding and gratifying."
- Mark P, London, UK

"A Deeper Understanding Of 
The Woman I Am"

"I gained connection to myself and my desires. Deeper understanding of the woman I am and what I truly what I truly want in life. I learned how to communicate my desires to men. Without attachment, clean and honest. OM taught me that surrender is true power and vulnerability is the only path to deeper intimacy."
- Elena, Austin, TX

"Completely Changed The Way 
I Relate To My Desire"

I learned about OM and OneTaste after listening to Nicole’s TED talk. I’ve been OMing now since April of 2012, and I can say that the practice has completely changed the way I relate to my desire. It has given me the ability to feel my desire at a visceral level in my body. And I don’t mean just sexual desire, but desire at so many levels: professionally, personally, and in all my relationships.
- Serpil, London, UK

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